Hopster’s New Educational Games Have Landed

Our fun learning games introduce kids to the alphabet, numbers, coding, and more. They can all be found in the Games Blimp within the Hopster app.

ABC Roar!

Children can learn the alphabet with this fun, interactive game. By tapping a letter, little ones will meet a new animal whose name starts with that letter.

Curriculum: Language and literacy

Animal Cards

This sorting game teaches kids about animals, how they move and how they look. They need to pick the right animal cards while beating the clock.

Curriculum: Animals and colours

Animal Dentist

This fun game encourages healthy toothbrushing habits in young kids. They have to help the animals clean their teeth and then blast away plaque with an air floss.

Curriculum: Daily routines

Baking Mess

Children can learn how to bake and make cupcakes, doughnuts and a pie. Following the recipes, they can create and customise their own treats.

Curriculum: Creative expression

Dress for the Weather

This fun game teaches kids how to dress appropriately for the weather. It lets little ones dress up their own panda and then customise his outfit.

Curriculum: Health and wellbeing

Make a pizza

Little ones can try themselves at making their own pizza. They can customise it with their favourite ingredients and add cheese, salami or even insects!

Curriculum: Creative expression


Kids can learn the basics of American Sign Language with the help of a friendly dinosaur. The game helps recognise the letters of the finger alphabet.

Curriculum: Language and literacy

Snake 123 & ABC

This classic snake game with a twist builds on kids numeracy and literacy skills. Guiding the snake they need to eat the the appropriate number or letter to win.

Curriculum: Maths and literacy

Space Maze

Kids can learn new words and how to write them. While helping a little Alien get to his spaceship they will improve their literacy skills.

Curriculum: Language and literacy

Water Ride Puzzle

This is a fun logic game that introduces kids to basic coding principles. By completing the slide, they will develop their problem-solving and planning skills.

Curriculum: Maths, coding



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