Say CHEESE!!! At long last Photobooth is back and it’s bigger and better!!

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3 min readJun 19, 2020

Now housed in its very own bespoke lighthouse within the Hopster world; Photo Booth is ready to capture your kids’ imaginations and encourage them to embrace creativity through ‘virtual’ role play.

Introducing the Camera

The Photo Booth experience is designed as a safe environment, for parents to first introduce young children to camera functionality in a fun, creative way. As young children begin to develop a sense of individual identity, they love to interact with mirrors and gaze at their reflection exploring what they look like, who they are and how their face works. With Photo Booth, we wanted to recreate a similar kind of experience; they will see themselves on the screen, learn to position their reflection in the camera outline and then, when they’re ready, tap the button to take the photo. Sounds easy, but these kinds of skills require lots of practice and good hand-eye coordination to get the perfect shot.

Digital Dress-Up

Hopster Photo Booth is much more than just a place for the kids to take endless ‘selfies’, in fact, we are proud to say that we have created our very own digital ‘dress-up’ station. We know that ‘role play’ is an essential part of child development; building confidence, self-expression, communication and creativity. With Photo Booth, we give children the opportunity to continue this kind of exciting, imaginative ‘dress-up’ play in a digital format. We looked at the kinds of role play children naturally engage in at home and at nursery/school e.g. pretending to be a nurse/doctor or a dinosaur or firefighter; we then recreated lots of these options as well as including some other careers so your little one can play at being a chef, a detective, a scientist or even a deep-sea diver. Kids will love exploring the variety of ‘dress up’ ideas and seeing themselves come to life in a mini-animated sequence.

Developing self-expression

Photo Booth links to our Discovery Learning Map by helping young children develop their self-expression and nurturing their ability to be creative in a magical way. As they interact with Photo Booth they will have the freedom to explore and play with a different type of technology ;in this way, we can begin to enable children to create not just consume tech.



Hello, my name is Lelia — I’m Hopster’s Head of Learning. I have over 15 years’ experience in teaching, across the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 and as an Assistant Head Teacher. I specialise in literacy with a focus on developing teaching and learning within the Early Years and Key Stage 1. For me, working alongside Hopster is a perfect opportunity to be involved in developing specialist technology that delivers education in a fun and entertaining way.



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