What can you and your kids do now in your own home to be eco-friendly?

Some top tips from Environmental Superhero Mr. Eco

As we are all spending more time in our homes — it’s the perfect opportunity to do the things we never have time for! There are a couple of cool experiments around sustainability you and your family can take on that will hopefully last much longer than this virus does.

Conduct a waste audit of your family

Separate waste, focusing on plastic and food waste. I know these are crazy times and we are using many more items at home — but this can be a great time to examine all of the products that we use and ‘throw away’ without ever thinking about them.

Do a Plastic Audit

Only around 8% of plastic is actually recycled. Keep all of your plastic waste for a week and sort it. Then look up your recycling services local guidelines about what plastics they are taking for recycling.

You will be very surprised at how little of the plastic is not getting recycled and actually getting landfilled instead. Even worse your plastic could be sent from your recycle bin to a country that doesn’t have proper facilities, so it can end up in rivers & streams and into the ocean.

General rule of thumb I follow is any flimsy thin plastic of any size, i.e. plastic bags, chip bags go into the trash. Any hard plastic smaller than a water bottle should go to the trash.

Food Waste Audit

The number one item by weight in landfills is food waste. We have a ton of people without enough food to eat. It is CRAZY to see how much food ends up being wasted in your home that could have been eaten at the end of the week.

If there is a lot of food wasted, think of ways you could have saved it. One cool idea is to have an ‘eat first bin’ in your fridge, that is a constant reminder on which food in your fridge should be eaten first before it goes bad.

For those of you that have the space, now is the time to start composting and turning that food waste back into soil instead of feeding landfills. Here are some more Food Waste Audit & Tips.

Being Grateful

There is a lot for us to be grateful for.

This is a great time to hit the pause button, and look at how we want to run our world in the future to be sustainable and combat climate change. One great way to start or end the day is to do some form of meditation where you and your kids can think of:

  • 3 things you are grateful for
  • 3 people struggling you can send love and kindness energy
  • 3 things you are going to do in the future to be more sustainable

Birthday Donation

Right now, there are a lot of hungry children who normally rely on school lunches for meals. You and your family can donate to a local food bank that is helping to feed those in need.

For any children who have a birthday coming up during this time of lockdown and not able to have a party where friends bring you gifts, maybe set up a fundraising page and ask your friends to donate money that will be gifted to your local food bank to help feed hungry children?

There are a lot of things you can do with your kids to be more sustainable and instill some habits that last much longer than this virus.

Hopefully my videos on Hopster will give you some more ideas as well. Deuces!


Mr. Eco


About Mr Eco

Brett “Mr. Eco” Edwards is an environmentalist, an educator, an entrepreneur a NARAS Grammy Voting musician, a YouTuber and a philanthropist. He is creator of “The EcoHero Show” which has performed assemblies for 800+ schools in 5 countries reaching 425,000+ students. The EcoHero Show has been sponsored by 80+ cities/counties in CA allowing schools to receive it for free. Brett believes monumental change begins with you and combined his passions for hip-hop and sustainability to create Mr. Eco while in college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

About Hopster

Striking a balance between learning and fun, Hopster is the digital platform that helps kids aged 2–6 to learn through the TV shows, games, and books they love.




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Sandbox Kids

Sandbox Kids is a leading provider of on-demand, multimedia, multi-platform, digital subscription services for children and families worldwide.

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